The design world stops and takes note when Pantone releases its annual Fashion Color Report for the season. The color palette for Spring 2016 is a full range of bright, happy colors that overcome cultural barriers. One of my favorite picks for Spring 2016 is Snorkel Blue — a shade more vibrant than nautical blue with a hint of navy.

To tell you the truth, I’ve always loved the color blue in general. The color defies gender norms and offers a vast array of tones from aqua blue to deep, royal navy. It’s the most flexible color palette to work with not only in graphic design, but also in fashion design and home decorating. Take this tableware collection pictured above from Japanese company Kihara for example — I’ve been obsessing over the design for weeks.


Misu Bakery

I’m absolutely in love with this brand design for Misù Bakery by xianwen wei, pictured above. Not only is the packaging illustration lovely, but the pairing of gold and vibrant blue draws me in to study the shapes further.


Blue is so versatile in design. Like the vibrant typography in the photo above, blue transcends images to give the feeling of movement — especially when used with sister shades of purple. The image is curated by Daniel Forero at PICDIT.


To the left, we see the bold statement that shades of blue make upon soft backgrounds in Lanvin’s splash window series. To the right, cobalt blue makes a powerful statement in this “Knowledge is Power” poster design by Maritina Laskaridou.

Carl Kleiner

I also love that blue pairs well with a handful of colors in design. Photographer Carl Kleiner captures the contrast of several shades of blue with tones of yellow and orange in the photo above.


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