Design is the appearance of your company — it’s the first thing your customers see when going online or visiting your brick-and-mortar shop. It silently represents you, your products and services, and even your core values. It not only affects your outward appearance, but also dictates how your clients feel about your brand.

Your brand’s design needs to be beautiful and professional. It also needs to stir up an emotional response that will resonate deep within your client. Emotionally connecting to your client creates engagement and interaction, generates sales, and builds a following.

That being said, your small business also faces daily challenges — like keeping  your logo up-to-date with current trends or creating professional marketing materials that will stand out from your competition. That’s why my husband and I created Adorn. We want to help tackle your industry challenges with strategic branding assets to take your business to the next level.

But first, let me introduce ourselves.

Emily & Devin Milligan, Owners of Adorn Design Co.

I am Emily Milligan, Creative Director and Co-Owner of Adorn. I absolutely love the creative process and exchanging ideas with clients to build better, stronger brands. I hold a Degree in Graphic Communication — specializing in Graphic Design — and I have experience working in the printing and publishing industries. I believe good design is strategic design, and I feel most rewarded when collaborating and connecting with clients over the design of their brand.

My husband Devin Milligan serves as Co-Owner and Operations Manager — or as I like to call him, my “financial guru.” He is currently pursuing his Degree in Management at Ferris State University. Devin is a “big picture” kind of guy and helps keep the business on track through handling the day-to-day business tasks, such as billing and finances.

On my blog, I will be sharing weekly insights and tips to brand development for the modern business owner. You can also expect to see posts about our recent work, as well as current design trends and how they affect your company. Be sure to bookmark this page or subscribe to have upcoming blog posts delivered right to your inbox.

I also encourage you to join the conversation by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below or emailing me at I’d love to get to know you, so feel free to connect with us on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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Until next time,

Emily Milligan, Creative Director & Owner of Adorn Design Co. Blog Signature