We’re a people-focused creative company.

The Robin to your Batman.

Our clients are viewed as partners, and everything we do is rooted in a deep understanding that we’re successful when our customers are successful. Empowering companies to focus on what matters most, we pair smart marketing strategies with beautiful design to overcome some of the biggest business challenges.

We’re a husband and wife creative team operating out of our home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Meet the team.

Emily Milligan, Adorn Design Co. Owner & Creative Director
Emily Milligan

As brand strategist, Emily is the creative spark behind Adorn. She’s passionate about results-driven marketing, tactical brand strategy, and beautiful design. She’s extremely organized and typically uses multiple planners in a given day. Emily has experience in managing teams across technology, nonprofit, and publishing industries.

Always up for a new challenge, Emily loves spending time outdoors and an exciting board game competition.

Devin Milligan, Adorn Design Co. Owner & Operations Manager
Devin Milligan

Devin handles the business management side of the company. Taking care of the day-to-day business tasks, he handles behind-the-scenes projects like finances and billing.

Always on the go, Devin loves water sports and spends his extra time cruising Michigan’s freshwater lakes in his vintage speedboat from the 1960s.